Back in Black!

Restart bloging with one of my favourite songs!
“Back in black” promise kept!

What’s new?

Surely the first thing you’ll see is “some” old, old, old article but, hey… I hate to see empty webpages! :D I just found an old, old, old wordpress dump so… here it is!

Well, my hope is to keep two separated blog’s thread, English and (hear, hear) Italian.
This mainly because I know I have to improve my English skills and, second, because when I want to write down something I have to do it rapidly and Italian is the best way for me (at least at the moment) to not loose the “momentum”. I’m not an artist, I’m just lazy!

I will oblige myself to write in English as much as I can; I know this is the only way to keep things going better. Corrections are much appreciated!

Another thing: there are plenty of good tutorial written in English so I think that when I will write one, I will do it in Italian. Easier for me and better for Italian documentation panorama. :D

What’s next?, Android, Java, Ruby, Rails and much more! Oh, and yes, PHP is out of my life! …I confess: I feel much better now!