Month: January 2006

LG 0.8.2 Released

I released the new version of Lazyest Gallery today. I’m almost sure that is more stable than the previeus versions… …at least… I hope so :) The think I love of this release is that it’s completely localizable! I’m proud about that :P See Ya!

0.8.2 Almost Ready for release

I fixed all bugs you sent to me in the board. I can now work on the “slide’s cache” system. I think I will release very very soon… Stay tuned! [UPDATE] Done! Slide’s cache now works! :D Maybe I can now work on count for each image :) Bye

LG “Caption not refresh”

I finally fixed this boring bug! The 0.8.2 will be stable from this point of view! Now I can dedicate time to implement new features… finally! I think I will release in this days (if everythings go right)! Ciao

WordPress Extra Features for LG

I was working since now to implement new extra features offered by new WordPress tools. There are few improvement to LG core that will defenetively fix some boring bug. I was simultaneously working on the “Captions not refresh” bug that will still steal me (sorry for the bad joke) some development hour. I found what’s […]