Month: July 2005

Lazy-Gallery 0.4.2 Release 3

Ok, let’s move out… finally this is an 0.4.2_r2 release “without” bugs… plus: – Fixed thumnails and slide view – Missing trailing slash in cache folder’s name does not invoke eachtime cache creation – Now jpgs and gifs for the categories icons work – Minor bug fix To avoid the missmatch variables initialization for thumbnails […]

[BUG] Lazy-Gallery 0.4.2 Release 2

Unfortunally i published too fast the new release of Lazy-Gallery 0.4.2_r2. There’s a little bug that broke thumbnails view if you DON’T use thumbnails’s cacheing system. I’m working to clean it up… hope to get it soon. Sorry for troubles. :( For users: Stable version: For developers: Bugged version:

Lazy-Gallery 0.4.2 Release 2

[Update] — WARNING: Link updated to last functional relase Here’s the new updated Lazy-Gallery Hack This version of Lazy Gallery has only one big update: – Admin Panel under “Options” Because of this new release something change in install procedure: How to install: 1. Unpack zip to your the wordpress plugin dir ( /wp-content/plugins/ ). […]