Back in Black!

Restart bloging with one of my favourite songs! “Back in black” promise kept! What’s new? Surely the first thing you’ll see is “some” old, old, old article but, hey… I hate to see empty webpages! :D I just found an old, old, old wordpress dump so… here it is! Well, my hope is to keep […]

T2K Project Ends

Today we received the following mail: We are sorry, but we have been unable to approve your application for the Sun Fire T2000 CoolThreads server in Sun’s Try and Buy program at this time. This is a result of your application not meeting one or more of the parameters for Sun Fire T2000 CoolThreads Try […]

Sun Fire T2000 Server

Here starts our Sun Fire T2000 Server project. Today we filled in the form that allow you to recieve for 60 days free a T2000 for testing it. After filled out and sent the form we had a little problem with our graylisting system, solved in a few, and we received an e-mail that confirm […]

0.8.2… first bugs

Well… not what I calll “a perfect plan”. I released two days ago and right few hours after I released first bugs appears in the board… -.-” Got to fix those things before coding something new. Fortunately when those annoying bugs are fixed I can concentrate my effort to implement some new feature. The “only” […]

LG 0.8.2 Released

I released the new version of Lazyest Gallery today. I’m almost sure that is more stable than the previeus versions… …at least… I hope so :) The think I love of this release is that it’s completely localizable! I’m proud about that :P See Ya!